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We combine human intelligence with technology to secure your investments.

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We protect your investments.

Shambliss Security enriches your defenses with intelligence to protect you from the 310-billion cyber events that happen on a daily occurrence, across our 65 customers in more than 50+ countries. By investing in supervised machine learning and analytics, as well as the brightest minds in the industry, we’ve successfully automated and accelerated event detection, correlation, and contextualization. That means you can identify threats more quickly and take the right action at the right time to reduce your risk.

Trusted Expertise

We help today’s leading organizations gain confidence that their place in the next wave of innovation is secured. Our goal is to optimize your security posture and technologies by creating efficiencies and best practices within your organization. At Shambliss Security, we use innovation to create the most effective cyber defense platform – a seamless, on demand extension of our customers security operations.

  • Vision: Solve the cybersecurity threat
  • Mission: To make your venture a more secure place.
  • Promise: To Find. To Fix. To Stop. To Solve
More About Us
Secure Ecosystem

We know more about cyber threats and the people responsible for them than anyone else. We possess unparalleled access to current cyber activity and feed it directly into our threat intelligence operations. You can fortify your network against today’s sophisticated threats by enabling diverse solutions across the cybersecurity ecosystem to work together.

  • Recognize adversary behavior
  • Real-time visualization to data
  • Operationalize threat intelligence
Security Lifecycle Partner

Shambliss Security delivers objective, unbiased, experienced security solutions that accelerate growth, drive operational efficiency and reduce risk. We define a holistic security defense architecture and the supporting controls matched to the level of risk, risk-tolerance, and resources available. We’re the market leaders running the world’s most sophisticated networks.

  • Protective the Brand
  • Identify at-risk areas in the organization
  • Quantify remediation costs
Immediate Deployment

From start up to scale up, from private equity to enterprise organizations, our cybersecurity programs offer immediate deployment and rapid assistance, our proven security methods reflect our customer-first approach, innovative mindset, and effective execution style. We don’t just protect data. We protect companies around the world.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help.

  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Integrated Network Solutions
  • Critical Asset Protection
Our impact

Key stats about us.

Shambliss Security has built a trustworthy reputation by always being there to safeguard its customers’ businesses.


Clients in 17+ Countries


Expert Security Analysts,
Researchers and Responders


Cybersecurity Breaches are due to Human Error


Years of Cyber-Security Consulting

A world-wide Reach

With over 100 consultants in 17 countries across five continents, you can leverage both the technical expertise of on-site consultants and remote services for everything from breach response to proactive cyber security program assessment to staff education.

We work approximately 200,000 hours a year on cyber incident response to the world’s most consequential breaches. That gives us a unique view into how attackers break in and what they do once on the inside.

Shambliss Security is leading the cyber security industry. We design, build and operate by providing innovative solutions that are aligned vertically into your industry from financial services to staffing, we are the trusted partner.

Our expertise and teams are currently securing the market sectors below:

  • Financial Services
  • Franchising
  • Healthcare
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Manufacturing
  • Not for Profit
  • Staffing
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