CYberSecurity solutions

Evolving Threats Require Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions

As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, Shambliss Security partners with organizations to plan, build and run successful cybersecurity programs.

Solutions Overview

Our methodology provides actionable steps to secure systems more effectively and provide recommendations to improve compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. This includes:

  • Vulnerability assessments to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose.
  • Penetration testing, where our security experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization using the same tools and techniques that real-world attackers employ.
  • Breach simulation services that depart from traditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker’s actions, including the use of subterfuge, distraction and social engineering, with the goal of highlighting the impact of a breach to your organization.

By partnering with Shambliss Security to help stop the next cyber threat, you can identify points of failure in existing systems, close pathways of attack and remediate vulnerabilities to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements.

  • Security Advisory Assessment
  • Security Strategy Programs and Standards
  • Forensic and Testing Services
  • Security Incident Management
  • Security Awareness Training & Education Services

Global NTT Cybersecurity Consulting

“For any merger or acquisition, it’s crucial to conduct a quantitative cybersecurity risk assessment to ensure the buyer or seller knows what they are getting into, avoiding surprises, and mitigating risk beforehand.”

Craig Jett , SVP
Security Advisory Assessment

Our Cyber Security Advisory, Assessment, and Architecture Review Services help enterprises reduce their overall risk exposure by identifying gaps in regulatory compliance and striking a balance between policies, risks, and controls. We enable enterprises to adopt a robust cyber security resilience framework and other services to minimize information risk and build cyber
forensics capabilities.


Security Strategy Programs and Standards

In a world where devices of all types are connected to networks, the need to maintain strong cybersecurity is greater than ever. For organizations, particularly those that retain financial and other sensitive company and customer data, cybersecurity is critical, as the results of a network breach could be catastrophic. When developing the cybersecurity strategy, Shambliss Security ensures that physical security and other devices provide strong protection to prevent network breaches.


Forensic and Testing Services

Enhanced by technology and infused with real-world insight, Shambliss Security Forensic professionals transform how clients identify, mitigate, and respond to risk, saving time and money. We assist businesses to effectively manage the costs and risks of complying with new regulations and enforcement activity. We help assess, design, and implement internal controls and compliance programs to mitigate vulnerabilities to fraud and misconduct and assist in the prevention, detection, and response to fraud, waste, abuse, and other forms of misconduct.

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Security Incident Management

Prove your department’s worth with a solution that simplifies reporting, enables you to analyze data, share insights and outcomes, and justify additional funding or resources. Enhance your department’s prevention and response capabilities with incident reporting software that allows for more effective tracking, reporting, and analysis of incidents. Quickly record and track incident details into an easily searchable database that can be queried and analyzed to identify trends and improve your department’s prevention efforts.

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Security Awareness Training & Education Services

Educate your audience to recognize signs of abusive or dangerous behavior, provide safe and healthy options for intervening, and encourage risk reduction strategies with high quality, video-based online training modules. Define key terms and link to organization-specific resources, definitions, and policies to create unique training experiences for your audience—whether it be employees, students, or community. Limit liability and ensure compliance with learning assessments that document completion of training. 24×7 access to the online platform provides users with an ongoing learning resource.

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